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Looking for something different for your classroom, luncheon, or event function?

TCARA has several members available to speak on a wide variety of historical, cultural, and educational topics. 

Always relevent, engaging, and interesting, everyone will learn something new.

Contact us for more topic details and to schedule an appearance.  Thank you!

Jack Cowan

Ph: 210-213-5852



"The Texas Connection to the American Revolution - How Spanish Texas and General Galvez Helped Save the American Revolution"


"The East India Company – The Formation of America"


"The Chains That Made America – Two Thirds of Those Who Came to America Before 1700 Were White Slaves"


"The Lost Presidents – The Ten Presidents Before Washington"


"The Ships - The Seamen - The Naval Battles of the American Revolution"


"The War of 1812 – The War That Made The United States a World Power"


"Texas – American By Choice – Why the Province of Texas Was Destined to Become a Part of the United States"


"What Day Is It Anyhow? – A Brief History of the Calendar"


"Paris Was Well Worth A Mass - The First Huguenot King Of France (Henri IV)"


Allen & Regina Kosub

Ph: 210-602-4747



"The Old Gonzales Road and the Role it Played in the Siege of Bejar and the Fall of the Alamo"


"The Cibolo Crossing on the Old Gonzales Road"


"Giants of the Cibolo"


"San Jacinto Veterans Who Settled on the Cibolo"


More Speakers Coming Soon!

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